Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Asia Risk with us this year!

asia risk 25

Asia Risk Events 2020 will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Asia Risk by looking back at the history of the publication, delving into the changes in risk management and investment over the past 25 years, and predicting what's next. 

Celebrating the history of Asia Risk

Asia Risk will be celebrated with the publication of a 25th anniversary edition later this year, featuring insights from some of our most prolific contributors and a look at the next 25 years of risk management, regulation and portfolio optimisation. 

Our flagship event, Asia Risk Congress, will highlight the evolution of the publication by showcasing past editions and key contributors, giving delegates the opportunity to look back at significant innovations and changes in the industry. 

Learn more about Asia Risk Congress here

Acknowledging our biggest contributors

In addition to celebrating the history of Asia Risk at our conferences, the Asia Risk Awards will include lifetime achievement awards for an individual and organisation respectively, based on their contribution to the publication and industry as a whole over the past 25 years. 

Learn more about the Asia Risk Awards here